Babbu Maan | Movie Baaz: Public Movie Review

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The public have reacted to Babbu Maan’s latest offering of his movie ‘Baaz’ which has been highly anticipated among Babbu Maan fans and Punjabi cinema fans alike. The film is expected to do well in the box-office as the Punjabi movie scene has taken off in last couple years and in some places challenging Bollywood movies on opening weekends. The movie Baazi which stars Babbu Maan, Pooja Verma, Yograj Singh, Sardar Sohi & Mukul Dev has been Directed by Simerjit Singh whilst the Screenplay has been done by Dheeraj Rattan & Rajesh Verma. Lyrics And Music for the movie have been provided by Babbu Maan himself.

Video: Jag Bani


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